Assessment Tools in Recruitment … Do They Work?

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Pre-employment assessments, like work samples, cognitive ability tests and job knowledge tests, are all good predictors of skill levels and job performance of potential employees. These assessments can come in a wide variety of forms, but can be administered quickly and easily through our pre-employment services. Some of the assessments tools Rightreferences can assist you with are:

• Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric testing is usually done for more senior level candidates using the DISC method. It can measure a number of attributes including intelligence, critical reasoning, motivation and personality profile. An interview process can be fairly subjective and although employers will normally assess skills and experience fairly accurately, psychometric assessments can measure job-relevant cognitive abilities and personality.

• Online Skills Testing

Right references can facilitate and manage your candidate’s computer and software package skills. We are able to test your applicant to assist evaluation of their Microsoft Office skills, such as Excel, Outlook and Word as well as measure their typing speed, and ‘Attention to Detail’ tests.

• Medical Assessments

Rightreferences has partnered with numerous medical clinics throughout Australia. We can facilitate and manage your pre-employment medical assessments including Audiometry, Musculoskeletal, Spirometry and Drug and Alcohol Assessments. Our accredited medical centres will return the completed medical reports for each candidate, directly back to you.

Using various talent assessments to hire the best candidates is always good practice, but is only effective when combined with other recruiting methods. For any questions on the type of tests to implement, or assistance with coordinating them, contact Rightreferences by emailing us at or give us a call on 1300 463 085.

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