Equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination – Are you in Compliance?

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In Australia, national and state laws cover equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination in the workplace. Businesses are required by these laws to create a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. It’s important that as an employer, you understand your rights and responsibilities under human rights and anti-discrimination law.

When businesses publish a vacant position, they typically state that they are committed to a fair and discrimination-free hiring process in order to be seen to comply with their state’s Equal Opportunity Act. But let’s face it – unfortunately, unconscious biases can sometimes make its way into the process, even if you don’t realise it at the time.

For instance, more and more do we receive resumes that include a candidate’s photograph, nationality or other demographics. Such information should not be interpreted as either positive or negative, and should not be defined as a part of the screening process.

This is where a third party reference-checking agency such as Rightreferences can help. We will conduct your pre-employment processes for you, and because we don’t have any direct relationship between your business and the candidate applying, we can guarantee complete consistency, and unbiased transparency.

We conduct all reference checks in compliance with anti-discrimination laws, using a variety of different pre-employment tools on candidates. We then provide all documentation and reporting back to you, for the final decision.

Ensuring compliance with anti-discrimination laws is a vital part of the reference check process. If you are a business in need of assistance with your pre-employment screening process, feel free to contact us by emailing at admin@rightreferences.com or give us a call on 1300 463 085.

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