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If talent management and recruitment is your industry, then you are well aware that the candidate experience is imperative when recruiting.

Poor recruitment practice can end-up being a costly expense for a company, both in the short and long-term.

Just like if a customer had a bad experience at an establishment, the consensus is that they would complain loudly to their friends and family. Equally, job seekers that may have had a negative experience with an organisation during the interviewing/recruitment process would do the same, giving the company a bad name.

Improving the candidate experience during the recruitment process can improve the company’s overall reputation in the long-term. Even if the candidate does not successfully obtain the job they have applied for, if the experience was straight-forward and pleasant, they will most likely walk away with an “inspired” mentality, and be open to re-applying for another position in the future (or at the very least) carry a generally good perception of the company, instead of talking ill of it to others.

Below are 3 tips on improving the overall candidate experience:

1. Communicate – Keep all candidates in the loop throughout the entire process of recruitment. This includes acknowledgement of their application and the outcome of it. Offering feedback is not always offered in particular industries where there is a high turnover of staff, but if a candidate has requested feedback, good practice would be to give it to them. This gives the candidate an enhanced perception of the recruitment experience and the organisation as a whole.

2. Appreciate all candidates – not only the successful ones. Research indicates if a candidate has had a positive experience during the recruitment process, they would reapply for another role at the same company at a later date.

3. Involve others – Candidates get a better feel for the company culture if they are introduced to other hiring managers during the recruitment process. This is particularly helpful when companies use external recruiters as sometimes this method of recruitment can be perceived as a disconnect between the candidate and the organisation.

We at Rightreferences have a mentality of “partnering” with your company to ensure a streamlined and efficient recruitment process, making it pleasant for both you and your potential candidates. We are always here to help. If you are a business in need of assistance with your pre-employment screening process, feel free to contact us by emailing at admin@rightreferences.com or give us a call on 1300 463 085.

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