Reference checking doesn’t have to be onerous…

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Screening job candidates has become a critical part of the hiring process, yet not all employers are doing this, or doing it effectively.

Employers must understand that conducting successful employment screening will ensure that they recruit and build the best teams for their businesses.

Background checks can include researching a combination of information about job applicants such as:

• Criminal History
• Eligibility to work in Australia
• Employment Verification
• Education/Qualifications Verification
• Reference Verification
• Medical Assessments / Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reference checking can often seem onerous or even feel like a burden, but not, if it is put in the hands of professionals. Rightreferences can support and assist your HR team in the recruitment of employees by coordinating and managing this important component of the recruitment process.

Our team of ex-recruiters understand the importance of thorough pre-employment checks, and can assist businesses in following their due diligence by obtaining comprehensive pre-employment checks for potential new employees.

Conducting pre-employment checks is not risky business – it is best practice.

If you are a business in need of assistance with your pre-employment screening process, feel free to contact Rightreferences by emailing us at or give us a call on 1300 463 085.

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