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A subject that recently came up as a popular trending topic was “Illegal Interview Questions”.

Seek published an article discussing some examples of questions that were actually legal, but we’ll get right to the point and discuss what isn’t legal…

Any questions that reflect any of the below, may violate various state and federal discrimination laws in Australia:

Questions that reveal your age (unless job-related e.g. working in a bar), race, national origin, religion, marital status and sexual orientation;

e.g. What country are you from? Are you married? What religious holidays do you observe?

Questions that ask a candidate to reveal information that has no relevance to the job;

e.g. Do you have children? Do you have any outstanding debt?

Questions that are inappropriate;

e.g. Do you drink socially? Do you plan on having kids?

There are other ways an employer can ask you about certain things such as “What hours can you work?” or “Do you have responsibilities that will interfere with job requirements such as travelling?” These are legitimate questions as they relate to the job and expectation of the company. It is you as the candidate that will need to sell yourself in your response in a way that is honest, while not overcommitting to a particular role if you do have family life or other responsibilities that will play into your availability.

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