Top Tips for Conducting Reference Checks

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Reference checking plays an important part in the hiring process, providing independent insights into a candidate’s work history and education. In a highly competitive job market, there are plenty of great candidates who come across outstanding on paper and perform well during the interview process, but it is still imperative to carrying out your due diligence in reference checking.

By contacting the nominated referees, it is possible to get better insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses that can help determine if they are right for the role at hand.

Here are 3 great tips:

Call the references on the phone
It’s best to check the references via verbal communication rather than a letter or email. This gives the referee greater credibility and you can also ask any other relevant questions while you have them on the phone.

Allow time for reference checks
It’s good to get professional verification from the referees, but they will not always be available to take your call immediately. Give yourself time if a call back is required.

List out what you want to verify
Good practice is to have the candidate’s resume in front of you and prepare a list of points you would like to verify with the referee. This ensures an efficient and effective process, while getting the exact information you need.

The more information you have about your candidate, the better position you are in to assess their suitability for the role. Reference checks certainly adds time to the hiring process, but it is a crucial tool that should not be omitted.

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